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OUT Maine Online Training

These self-paced training modules provide professionals with the knowledge, skills, tools and resources to successfully serve LGTBQ+ youth in all of their intersectional identities.

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Available Training Packages

The Basics for Building Welcoming and Inclusive Communities for LGBTQ+ Youth - $59
The Basics Package includes 6 interactive self-paced modules that will provide you with the foundational knowledge to create and foster environments in which are welcoming, affirming and inclusive to LGBTQ+ youth. Click the “More Information” button below for descriptions of the topics covered each module.
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Learn about OUT Maine's work and model, as well as why supporting LGBTQ+ youth and creating welcoming and affirming communities is so important.

2The Importance of Language

Learn about the importance of language, terminology, name and pronoun usage, as well as strategies to communicate acceptance to LGBTQ+ youth.

3Risk and Protective Factors of LGBTQ+ Youth

Learn about the risk and protective factors for LGBTQ+ youth including how family support and/or rejection impacts this population and why the role of providers, educators and school staff is important.

4Healthy Adolescent Development and ACEs

Learn about the healthy development of an adolescent, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how this impacts youth.

5Best Practices for Inclusive Programming

Learn about the best practices and action steps for creating supportive and inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ youth and staff.

6Strategies for Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth

Learn about the key strategies for supporting LGBTQ+ youth including the unique needs of transgender youth and how to respond if a youth discloses that they are LGBTQ+.

School Specific Training
The School Package includes 2 additional modules that will equip you with the knowledge and resources to support LGBTQ+ youth in a school and classroom environment.
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7LGBTQ+ Student Rights and Best Practice in Schools

Learn about the importance of inclusive school environments, supportive federal and state laws, and best practices for creating safe, welcoming and affirming spaces for all students, especially youth that identify as LGBTQ+.

8Creating Inclusive Classrooms and Curriculum

Learn about how the school environment, activities in the academic setting and behaviors of educators and peers affect a young person's feeling of safety and sense of belonging, especially for LGBTQ+ youth.

System Requirements

Since this online training program is web based, it can be used on any device that is capable of running a modern web browser and meet the following prerequisites:

Screen Resolution of At Least 1024 x 768

Broadband Internet Connection
(DSL, Cable, T1, etc)

JavaScript and Cookies Must be Enabled

Modern Web Browser
(Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari; on Windows, Mac, Android 4.4 and later and/or iOS 10 or later)


Help with Training Audio

All trainings have audio so be sure to turn your speakers on. To control the volume, use the volume controls on your computer, speakers, or the volume control on the bottom left side of each slide.

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